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Fabrication Services

Pipe Fabrication

With many types of machining equipment, we have the ability to fabricate almost any part needed to repair your cylinders, valves, pumps, and more! In-house fabrication enables us to do so at a fraction of what it would cost to out-source it. It is almost always less costly for us to make a cylinder gland or shaft than it would be to buy the part elsewhere, and is generally most cost effective for us to make hydraulic hoses in-house. With lathes, mills, welders, and a wide selection of other equipment specifically for in-house machining and fabrication needs; we offer the ability to custom make any part or component for our customers.

We also have the capacity to fabricate pipe and tubing assemblies per requirement. We can create these assemblies in our shop or on the jobsite itself. We have a full range of cutting, flaring, bending, welding, and prep equipment specifically for pipe fabrication and tube assembly fabrication. Our capabilities include orbital welding and process piping as well. We can also install the pipe and tubing we create if you are in need of expert and certified installation.

Cylinder Parts: Stainless steel, induction hardened, and chromed shafts. Bolted and pinned clevises. Gland caps, screwed gland, retainer glands, and welded glands. Barrels from a variety of material choices. We can make pistons, ports, stroke limiters, and more. On industrial grade cylinders it is often worth the price to replace worn parts as opposed to replacing the whole cylinder. We can evaluate your needs and determine if it makes sense to fabricate custom parts.

Pipe and tubing: We are Central Florida's pipefitting solution. Whether you need orbital welded or tig welded steel and stainless pipe, brazed copper, brass, or copper-nickel, or tube assemblies made, we can do it. We can fabricate any size and material tube assemblies, including AL-6XN and other NASA specialties. Our pipefitting abilities include in-shop or on-site fabrication per requirement. We also provide engineering and installation services for pipe and tube assemblies.

Power Units: .5 horsepower to 200 horsepower and more hydraulic power units can be built in our shop. We build power units to order and custom fab them from the ground up. We can assist with engineering throughout the design, assembly, testing phases. Hydraulic power units are used in a variety of industries from tourism to aerospace, and pre-built solutions are rarely adequate for the customer's needs. We can build something perfect for your application.

Panels: Let us take the complexity out of panel assemblies. We keep it simple - give us the drawings, material (or we can supply it), and we do the rest.

Welding: We have resources to cover most forms of TIG, MIG, and orbital welding on everything from carbon and stainless steel to aluminum and copper-nickel.


We have the equipment and experience to fab a large variety of pipe, tubing, power units, and other specialized components.


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