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Mechanical Contracting


Motion Control Services' experience goes beyond hydraulic, mechanical, control, and pneumatic systems. With our combined experience, we are involved in all types of industrial applications. Often customers contract us to handle large jobs that require a flexible and experienced contractor.

We are Central Florida's pipefitters. Our mechanical contracting scope includes pipefitting to the extent of engineering pipe and tube, fabrication of pipe and tube assemblies, installation of pipe and tube, and testing and cleaning of pipe and tube systems. See our installation and fabrication pages for more information on how we can enhance your mechanical contracting abilities for you. Listed below is a partial list of areas we excel in:

Aerospace: We can be your mechanical contractor for aerospace equipment itself or support equipment. We also work on hangers, carriers, lifts, and testing equipment for the aerospace industry.

Pipefitting: We do not build buildings, we just build the systems in the building that makes it work. We can ramp up our crew to be however large you need. Our projects include three man operations to hundred man operations. We have done pipefitting work for NASA, ULA, Lockheed Martin, the Navy and Air Force, and other customers with very high expectations. We continue to exceed those expectations. See our Installation section for more information on our pipefitting capabilities. We are a local Florida mechanical contractor here to help you.

Flight Simulators: Yes, there is a company in Central Florida that can maintain flight simulators at a reasonable rate. Congratulations, you found us.

Radiation Doors: We are one of a very select few companies in the Southeast United States with extensive experience working with radiation doors. We install, maintain, and repair radiation doors all around Florida. There are more styles and configurations of radiation doors than most people realize. Our mechanical contracting capabilities include regular maintenance contracts for radiation doors.

Municipalities: Feet maintenance and blanket purchase orders make us an asset to government sustainability. Our scope includes mobile equipment of all kinds as well as the maintenance of maintenance centers. We provide mechanical contracting services to municipalities as well as military.

Proof Loading and Platforms: Proof loading and platforms often go hand-and-hand. We can assist with designing, fabricating, and installing your platforms, then we can proof load test it, and finally we can maintain for maximum uptime. Very few mechanical contractors in Florida have as much experience with proof load tests as us.

Plastic Injection/Extrusion Equipment: We have a great deal of respect for companies still manufacturing here in the USA. If you have plastic injection or similar company, we would be honored to assist with maintaining your equipment.


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